An open letter to the haters

A year ago I met the #1 Celebrity on my list of people I have to meet…. my ultimate man-crush, Tom Hiddleston.  It was a dream come true…. probably the second best day of my life (the first being the birth of my daughter).  After that, for a few weeks the internet blew up with images and videos of myself and my daughter meeting him, mostly because my daughter was caught on video running up to him and giving his legs a big hug.  If you love Tom Hiddleston and have not seen this then I suggest you have been living under a rock, that said, here is the link to the video:

There was also a longer video in which I can be seen getting the picture taken with him in my Loki hoodie.  I had the hood down but he asked me to put it up and he took a crazy pic pointing at me with the hood up (See below).

profile copy

It is now a year later,and feeling nostalgic, I was going through blogs and posts where the video had been posted.  I stumbled across one where a bunch of girls were basically ripping me to shreds over my Loki hoodie and the fact that I am a mom, wearing it, and going to meet Tom Hiddleston  ( They were a nasty breed of bitches and I did not deserve the comments that were thrown down.  After reading it, this is what I would like to say to them:

Yes, that would be me in the Loki hoodie, and yes I am a mom…. Does that mean I should stop having fun?  If that’s what you think then I feel sorry for you when you decide to become mothers yourselves.  As for the hoodie, I had already taken a pic and Tom asked me where he could get the hoodie for himself.  He then said we should take another pic with the hoodie up.  I happily obliged because it’s friggin’ Tom Hiddleston!  So, hate all you like, I am a mom, and a cosplayer, and I love my life.  I am not remotely embarrassed by anything because life is for living and not caring every moment of every day what other people think.  Maybe you should take a page out of my book instead of tearing me down?  Unless you are really just doing it out of jealousy… In which case I say haters gonna hate cause I met Tom Hiddleston and you didn’t!

After all of this, this is the first time I have come across negativity.  I had so much kindness aimed at myself and my daughter after the video went viral.  These people were the epitome of what Tom prides himself on… pure kindness.  There will, of course, always be those people who want to rain on your parade.  The ones who will look at the dark side of everything.  After initially getting upset about it, I shook it off, and decided to write this,mostly as an outlet, but also to implore people to be kind.  Cyber bullying is NOT ok… period!  Be the change you want to see in the world, people, and for goodness sake, stop, and put yourself into other peoples shoes before you throw bricks at them.


Hey internet!

My first post!  Well, I’m here to document my bizarro life and thoughts… from my motherly moments, to my fangirl adventures, and very possibly my private life in the land of single momdom!  That said, anonymity is my game for the protection of any innocent parties that this could effect.  Please note that names may be changed, but stories are never exaggerated!  I will be hilarious, depressing, crazy, and fun, so sit back and enjoy the ride, bitches!

Disclaimer: This page may contain choice language, so if you’re sensitive, surf away my friends, this is not the blog you are looking for!

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